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AirCrews also called as Flight Crew,  are Team Personnel who operate an Aircraft while in Flight. 

The composition of a Flight's Crew depends on the Type of Aircraft, plus the Flight's duration and Purpose of Flight.

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Aviation P Ltd [ ]  is a Newly Incorporated  Aviation Service Providers of India.  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd [ ] is duly registerd with Govt Of India, Ministery of Corporate  Affairs to run various Aviation related Services.  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd [ ]  is  Incorporated to boost and aggregate various  Aviation Service Providers.  We welcome  All Aviation Organisation to Join us as our Partner in Progress in Aviation. We are looking for Ab-initio Pilot Training, TRTO, Air Charters and Air Crew HR Organisations from all over the world. 

For our Aviation Start-Up We are looking for :

AirCrews  Aviation  P Ltd is incorporated in the year 2018 and it fulfills students’ dream of being a part of the booming Aviation Industry. AirCrews  Aviation  Private Limited is one of India’s leading overseas Aviation education counselors and promoters. It gives solutions to your Aviation dreams through effective counseling and thereby recommend the appropriate countries and institutions based on students’ budget. 

AirCrews  Aviation  Private Ltd is one of the innovative brain child of AsiaticAir  GROUP which has created a renowned name in the field of Aviation education over a period of time spanning 15 years. We with great pride state that our services have been rendered to more than 600 Pilots till date to pursue Aviation education.

AirCrews  is taking utmost care in identifying the Training Institution which imparts Quality Training that fulfills the Indian Licensing conditions considering the future Employability Criteria. AirCrews  is proud to state that till date we are maintaining a excellent visa success rate of close to 99% in all the countries we are catering to.

AirCrews’s Aluminis have been placed in Jet Airways, Indigo, Air India, Spicejet, Cebu Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Air New Zealand, West Jet and many more.

AirCrews  has set up a benchmark for transparency, quality and commitment which has been achieved to the fullest satisfaction of parents and students. 

Step in to AirCrews , it will lead you to fly beyond the sky in your Aviation career

Vision :

To be a landmark in providing Overseas Training Education to deserving Asian Pilots in the field of Aviation and make them competent to be a force to reckon with in the International Aviation arena.

Mission :
To bring out the innate talents of Indian students to the fore, channelize in a constructive way and guide them for quality overseas education to make a mark for themselves in their academic and professional life.

During the one and half decades of its existence, AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt. Ltd. has set up a benchmark of transparency, quality and commitment. AirCrews  has achieved the distinction of being a prime Aviation education provider in India. More than 600 students have gone abroad and pursued Aviation studies in different countries under the auspices of AirCrews  and they are well established in their careers.

Method of working
AirCrews  has a systematic and professional method of providing assistance to students who wish to pursue studies abroad. Once the students approaches AirCrews , a free and expert counseling is carried out wherein the student’s interest and suitability are taken into account and they are guided to pursue studies which have a high potential of utilization their acquired talents and skills to achieve progress in their career.

AirCrews  leads you towards an overseas career with lucrative employment prospects and immigration options. Its wide experience enables it to guide the students to a right career. It also identifies the right overseas University or college for studies. AirCrews  studies the students’ profile and suggest them the right course at apt country. AirCrews  works with 100 Universities/ colleges of nearly 200 programmes throughout the world.

AirCrews ’s systematic and time proven approach are marked by the following milestones. Selection Program - Identifies Right College / University. It starts with a thorough counseling session with you and if required your parents too. Your profile is examined under all parameters education, medical fitness, budget, travel documentation.

This critical process lays the foundation for a smooth process. If you attempt to do it yourself based on school web-sites and promotional brochures, you may end up in a maze of information and correspondence. Even to gain clarity on the basics and be able to compare will take an agonizingly long period. So, better leave it to the professionals at AirCrews  who have already guided scores of students on a career path.

Admission Guidance Program - Guides In Applying To College / University

Each country has its own guidelines for admitting foreign nationals. And in that country each college / University will have variations in the admission procedure. AirCrews ’s rich experience will guide you in understanding and negotiating this complex admission process.

The Admission Form / I-20 is being issued by the college with the authorization of their embassy. The form will give you the details: Course details, duration, fees, date of commencement etc. AirCrews  will also follow up with the colleges / universities and keep you updated of the admission status.

Visa Guidance Program - Gives Guidance In Acquiring Visa. This is a very critical phase. Your ideal college / university has given the green signal. Now you have to get the visa to gain entry into that country. AirCrews  is here to provide you excellent guidance in Visa Documentation and Personal Interview Preparation for obtaining Visa.

AirCrews  has its own team of competent legal and International travel consultants to assist you in this process.

Travel Tips - Gives Preliminary Exposure About The Country AirCrews  gives tips about the travel to the new country. It also give brief idea about the culture of the country and its customs. It enable the students to easy their life once they reach abroad.

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Description for "Become an EASA ATPL Pilot Indian DGCA/CAA/FAA License"
Become an EASA ATPL Pilot
(Indian DGCA/CAA/FAA License Conversion to EASA in India)

Obtain your EASA ATPL(Frozen) in India and completer all your 14 subjects ground school & examination In-house without travelling to Europe just in 80 Days.

Certification and Award

On successful completion of Ground School and all 14 ATPL examinations students will receive a results certificate from the EASA Civil Aviation Directorate. This EASA certificate enable the student to apply for an EASA Commercial Pilots License/ ATPL and Instrument Rating.

Program Eligibility:- Must hold a valid Indian DGCA/CAA/FAA PPL or CPL or ATPL License
Investment $ 9500 USD/ each
All Inclusive (Exam Fee, full board Accommodation with meals, Transportation & Uniform)

Course Commencing Date:- 15th July 2017
Course Timings:- Morning Session & Evening Session 
Course Venue:- 7 Airport Road Indore 452005 India
Contact Person :- India Capt. Shekhar Gupta 
Tel Land:- 0091 731 4044650 
Tel Mobile:-0091 9977513452

Course conducted under the EASA Authority approved Syllabus and

Conducted by Ravana Aviation Academy (EASA Affiliated to Europe)
Founder & Head of Training RAA
Capt. Harsha Govinda Koralearachchi Bsavc(Def)
ATPL Aeroplane Ground Instructor License CAA SL No-034,
ATPL Helicopter Ground Instructor License CAA SL No-042,
CPL IR Frozen ATPL (A) License CAA SL No-717
Contact Capt. Harsha - 0094 712501063


Capt Shekhar Gupta
Co-Founder / Director 
AirCrews  Aviation   Ltd

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