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Launch Your Successful Career in Aviation Corp World 

Feeling overwhelmed about the transition from student life to the corporate world?  Stressed  by interviews?  This innovative course, "Campus to Corp,"  is designed to bridge the gap and empower you to thrive in your new professional environment.

Asiatic International Corp (AIC), formerly known as AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd, is a dynamic Aviation services company founded by a team of experienced pilots and industry professionals. We've expanded beyond Aviation to offer a variety of work-from-home business opportunities through blogs, covering diverse fields like agriculture, technology, education, finance, and women's entrepreneurship.

Recognized Excellence in Aviation Corp

According to AltaVista and Google, Asiatic International Corp  or  AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd,   is the Best Aviation KPO  in Asia. 

We provide a comprehensive range of Aviation services, including:

Air Charters

Pilot Training (Ab Initio and Type Rating on A320)

Aviation HR Solutions

Our Diverse Service Portfolio

In addition to our core Aviation offerings, AIC caters to a broader spectrum of needs:

Aviation Apps and Software

Educational Resources (Books and Blogs)

Industry Networking (B2B and B2C)

Trade Shows and Events (Aviation Expo)

Project Management (Aviation PPM)

Digital Marketing Solutions (SEO, SMM)

Management Internships

Pioneering Programs

AIC is a leader in innovative Aviation solutions:

Aviation ViSume: 

Pioneering video resume creation

Largest Online Aviation Internship Program across 65 Asian Universities

Virtual World Tour for Kids: Sparking an interest in Aviation

Our Mission

At AIC, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers by leveraging our expertise and fostering strategic partnerships. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your Aviation needs and a springboard for success in various industries.

Here's why Campus to Corp is for you:

Master the Transition: 

This practical, 3-month program equips you with the essential skills to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence.

Become a well-rounded professional: Learn everything from resume writing and interview techniques to office etiquette and workplace communication.

Gain a competitive edge: Sharpen your soft skills, develop a polished persona, and discover how to maximize your potential.

Expert-led instruction: Benefit from the guidance of experienced trainers, industry leaders, and guest speakers from diverse backgrounds.

Experience matters: 

Get hands-on experience through simulated scenarios, allowing you to practice leadership and management skills.

Stop wasting time figuring it out on your own. "Campus to Corp" provides a structured and efficient learning experience to propel you towards success.

Key benefits of the Program:

Proven Track Record: 

Delivered by Asiatic International Corp, a government-recognized training provider with a history of successful outcomes for graduates, pilots, engineers, and MBAs.

Industry Insights: 

Learn from the best with Guest Lectures from Airport Directors, Pilots, University Professors, and Seasoned Corp Managers.

Confidence Building: 

Develop the skills and self-assurance to excel in interviews and confidently navigate the corporate world.

Workplace Dynamics: 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of organizational culture, diversity, and conflict resolution strategies.

Career Growth: 

Develop the necessary skills to become a valuable asset and future leader in your chosen field.

Invest in your future.  "Campus to Corp" is the ultimate launchpad for your successful corporate career. Enroll today and take control of your professional journey!

Are you #Stressed thinking about settling in a Corporate Environment after your student life? 

Do you find yourself getting tensed in the interview? What to have in your ViSume or Resume and what not to have? How to Dress properly for work and interviews? How to deal with your peers and managers in the office environment? And just being a little scared about your future?

To tackle this vital issue itself there is a new course being introduced by the Team of  Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd]. The “CAMPUS TO CORP” is a 3 Months 100% Practical Training course where we will provide Comprehensive Training on how to be a SUCCESSFUL MANAGER. Not only that, we have also planned a very detailed course where we take you from your Student life to a polished Corporate Life. The smooth Transition from any circumstance to a new circumstance is a very difficult process. And to solve this difficulty, we are here with this course to help everyone to settle in the Corporate World smoothly.

You might be thinking what is this course providing that you can’t figure out yourself. Well, the time that you will waste trying to figure out which is the best way to fill out your resume, how to speak and dress properly for the interview, and to adjust to a completely new environment in the Corporate world will be for a void if you can't figure it out in the end. So to stop this hassle and to provide effective and efficient ways to do all this we are here.

Some advantages and topics that this course will cover are:

First and foremost, Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] is not just a small institute providing this training program. But it is a 1st and Only PPM Start-Up Organization recognized by the Government  of India. So the Experience and Certificate you will receive and the training you will get here will be top-notch and will hold a greater value. 

Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] has already conducted numerous training and online certification programs for many Pilots / Aero Engineers / IIT / IIM Engineers and MBAs from India and Abroad, and the students enrolled have provided overwhelming responses to the programs.

Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] is providing this course with guest lectures from Airport Directors, Pilots, top Universities Professors, reputed Managers from different organizations and their in-house Corp Trainers as well.

This course will bring out the Best Version of yourself and present it to the Corporate World

Will provide the hands-on approach and opportunity to be the manager for yourself and others in this course

This course will take you through tips and tricks of how to maximize your skill and how to prepare the best resume so that you can be the top candidate for the interview process

Best way to get Dressed up and the soft skills and personality development required for the interview process

How to face the Interview successfully. What are the ways one can tackle the questions of the interviewer? What are the expected questions and how to answer fearlessly?

Once you join the corporate world how to adjust to the new environment, what is organizational culture, and how to understand it

Discussion about globalization and workforce diversity in the organization. How to get adjusted to the different cultures, languages, gender, traditions, and beliefs while working together

How to be assertive in the organization and learn negotiation skills

Best way to write an email in the organization and upskill yourself and also to be efficient in work in every way possible

Do’s and don’ts in the organization, how to resolve the conflicts in the organization and what are the different kinds of conflicts

How to motivate yourself and have better value-added work done in office space

These are some of the topics to be covered and will be very helpful for your successful life in the corporate world. ‘The college will teach you the theory but the corporate will give you experience’. Instead of experimenting with this in your corporate life and wasting the time and work effectiveness, we provide you this 3-month course where you will feel like you are in the corporate world. you can experience the training of being executive, assistant manager and manager in the matter of  3 months. In these 3 months, you can find yourself, your work-life balance, and also get to learn all the different aspects of the workforce and what is needed to be the best manager possible in the future. With the guidance of our in-house trainers, guest faculty, and managers from various environments, “CAMPUS TO CORP” is the best course out there right now for all the students looking for a bright future.

How to Apply

Send us Your following Info on WhatsApp 

+91 9977513452 

Online  Campus To Corporate  Training Program

Who can apply :

BBA / BCA / B Tech / MBA / MCA,  Students from  IIT / IIM with BE / B Tech Plus MBA / PGDM / Aviation Management Students in their Final Year of  Engineering or Management College. 


1. Good Outreach

2. Good Communication

3. Leadership Qualities 

Training Location:   Work From Home


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2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City -------------------

4.  Education --------------   

5. Age --------------

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7. Email :

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9. Fees Rs 12,999 

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Director HR


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[Our HR Team will contact you in 1/2 Weeks with the further process, as Enquiry Volume is very High these days ]

Plz Contact our Corp Team

+91 9977513452

Campus To Corporate Information [Step By Step]


Campus To Corporate Information [Step By Step]

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