Best Career Counsellors by counselling different students

We are Looking for females who wants to share their knowledge As Best Career Counsellors by counselling different students to choose their Career so that they can be great Doctors, great Engineers, great Pilots and other great professionals.You will be known as "Best Career Counsellor" in your own city!

This Project will Involve an 
Investment :  Rs.10,000/- 

Student Fees : Rs 800/-  
( Charged by the Counsellor per student) 

Revenue Sharing: 600/-(Counsellor Share)  
                     and 200/- ( Best International Education Share as we will create your complete profile)

Phycometric Tests Fees: 1200/-

Revenue Sharing: 50%

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FAQ's   ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1)How is it possible to Work from Home ?

Ans:  We all are blessed with unlimited internet connections today which opens all the doors to interact with the 

world just by sitting at one place.It helps in the great opportunity to work from home which helps students and 

others to earn and learn something extra. Work from Home saves lot of commuting time. Its completely
 hassle free work pattern. If you are really looking for stable career with regular source of income then Work at 

home is the best way to achieve the same.

2)How will I counsel about different careers to the students?

Ans: There will be systematic training for different careers with real time experiences and cases.

3) How will I approach to different students or generate leads?

 Ans: Best International Education  team will totally support for our counsellors and students will approach our 

counsellors. So you need not worry for leads. Also, Counsellors has to be very active on Social Media.

4)Why should I have Social Media Accounts ?

Ans: Social media provides an exposure to share our work, knowledge and everything that we are interested in 

and helps to widen our horizon.
It also acts as a showcase of our life that we like to share with our loved ones or the world, sitting far away from 


 5)Why my Bio is uploaded on  ?

  Ans: Uploading employees Bio not only approves his/her authenticity but also helps in building a strong image of the company as the bio reveals the versatility of the employees.


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Author Name: Capt Shekhar Gupta