Jet Pilot Asian Aerospace Philippines

Jet Pilot   Asian Aerospace   Philippines

Company- Asian Aerospace
Position-Jet Pilot
Location: Philippines

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Job Description : 

Pilot ships skilfully through the channel in order to guide them safely during berthing operations or at Single point moorings or alongside jetties during loading operations, ensuring all documentation is completed and safety regulations complied with by the ship during these manoeuvres.
Job Qualifications:
·       Candidate must posses ATPL / CPL
·       Minimum of 2000 flight Hours of equivalent jet time
·       Willing to accept the job as Jet Pilot for other aircraft such as Cessana 206,Pilatus or Learjet.
·       Experiance a flight instructer will be an advantage
·       Flexible in accepting the tasks, time and location of work and has goog organiational skills
·       Preferably King Air Experience
·       Can start immediately.

A. Sowmya
Aviation HR Manager
AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd