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Anirban Bardhan is an undergraduate student at Siliguri Institute of Technology who has appeared for his final semester exams in his pursuit of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. Being a learner in an ongoing training in Internshala on Digital Marketing, he has and is still imbibing various skills to perform highly in different fields of the aspect such as social media marketing, broadcasting, charts, documentation and creating new buzz-worthy content to amass traffic, and monitor those. Born on the 21st of March in the year 1996 and being a permanent resident of Siliguri (West Bengal), Anirban’s dedication, quick learning, ability to implement new skills and being able to adapt to any environment whilst being an avid story teller is what sets him apart from anybody else.
He has finished his matriculation in the first division and is a star mark holder, has stayed in the first division mark during his higher secondary studies and has consistently scored an average GPA of 7.1 during his first five semesters as an undergraduate without any backlogs. He has undergone training and had attended workshops and seminars on various topics such as “Networking” under Cognizant, “Biometrics” and has also been an intern for PCS Global Pvt. Ltd. for two weeks to name a few. He has also worked in three separate team projects involving web development and relational database management systems. He has been using MS-Office, and being dexterous at MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint during his academic period, and as such, he is quite adept at documentation and presentation. Apart from that, he has been able to secure 93.8 percentile in the MAT exam of May, 2018 while also being a certified painter, completing up to the 4th year of his painting course, during which he has won various award throughout his home-state of Assam.

nirban is also passionate about social media, voicing his opinions, connecting with new people and sharing ideas. He has been vocal on facebook since a couple of years now and has been able to influence the masses, while fulfilling the requirements of his college course. He is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and exudes charisma, whilst being fluent in four languages, namely English, Bengali, Hindi and Assamese. He has a passion for cooking and to be updated with relevant pop culture knowledge, whilst having an immaculate love for games and a keen sense in philosophy. Combining his love for social media and public interaction, ability to build trust and forge professional relationships, along with his passion for speaking and his proficiency in English and his ongoing training where he’s studying S.E.O, he’s extremely honored to be implementing his newly acquired skills to be a valuable asset to your organization.


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