Nayonika Datta

Nayonika Datta hails from Kolkata, the City of Joy, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English from the esteemed Jadavpur University. All of 19, she already has full-fledged experiences in the fields of content writing and editing, social welfare campaigning, and organizing several intra-college and intra-school fetes and competitions.
As a little child she dreamt of becoming a Alight Attendant after falling in love with the Aviation sector on boarding her first plane at the age of 10. Currently, however, she plans on pursuing a career as an HR Manager in the Airlines industry, on being urged by many of her close, many of whome are Pilots, to utilize her skills to bring about a more employee-friendly attitude in the industry. 
In her leisure time, Nayonika loves to read swim and participate in friendly debates on just about any topic.

Name : Nayonika Datta

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