Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager 

Roles and Responsibilities: 
• Monitoring Social Media channels for trends and opportunities. 
• Preparation of pre SEO data business analysis and internet strategy Report. 
• Handling complete SEO Only  OFF Page Optimization Process  
• Essayed a key role in creating meta tags, design suggestions, meta description, content optimization and suitable themed variation in alt tags and site Architecture. 
• Creating XML Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Rss feed submission for clients websites  
• Keyword Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, Optimizing the web Pages, Competitor Analysis, Keywords Density Analysis, Website Speed Analysis, internal navigation, Canonical tag, Google crawl errors, XML sitemap Creation, RSS Feed Creation, Robots Text 
Creation, Reviewing the content, Special focus on checking for keyword density. 
• Configured Robots, Sitemaps. 
• Keyword Research, Creating Ad variation Copies, Campaign Management, and PPC Bid Management. 
• Creating Ads with effective title, description, landing pages and increasing quality score. 
• Resolved issues related to Clint E-mails, Site Suggestions, & maintenance to internal programs, etc. 
• Building BackLinks through Article Submissions, Blog Submissions, Social BookMarking, Directory Submissions, Classified Submissions, Guest Blogging, Yahoo answers, Search Engines Submission (Google, Yahoo, Bing Directory Submission (One Way Links) Articlesubmission, PressRelease, (
• Creating weekly, mothly traffic Reports. 
• Adding websites in Google Analytics and verifying tracking code. 
• Reverse goal URL's and increasing Goal conversion rates. 
• Creating URL's and increasing goal conversion rates. 
• Continuously monitoring impressions and clicks and making changes in ON Page. 
• Meta tags to increase Click through rate (CTR) giving to analytics for other junior executives. 
• Finding and Replacing duplicate metatags, if websites have more webpages. 
• Updating sitemap and checking indexation of urls. 
• Robots.txt testing. 
• Fetching google for non-indexed urls. 
• Checking search queries, impressions, clicks, click through rate. 
SocIAL MediA MarkETING: 
• Created and implemented Social Media campaigns across targeted Social Media 
channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Quora) 
• Facebook ads, Linkedin direct ads 
• Creating Pages in Facebook, Facebook Insights (Increased likes, Impressions), Twitter analytics 
• Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare 
• Make Daily Synopsis for Quora,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare etc
• Analysis on Competitor Social Networks Profiles on Twitter and facebook 

 Take a look at our Offerings  –

•         Facebook A/C Page & Fan Page Set-up
•         Business Related Cover Photo
•         Facebook Groups posting
•         Facebook Likes
•         Twitter A/C Set-up
•         Tweets on profile
•         Business Cover Photo for Branding
•         Increase Twitter Followers
•         LinkedIn A/C Set-up
•         Post content on profile or company page.
•         Company page creation
•         Business Theme Related Cover Photo
•         Increase the Connections
Google Plus
•         Google + A/C Set-up
•         Posts content on profiles
•         Theme Related Cover Photo implementation
•         Increase Followers and Circles
•         Pinterest A/C Set-up
•         Pinterest Boards creation
•         Pinterest Updates/Month
•         Followers increment

Make Daily Synopsis for Facebook ,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare etc for any of our Following Start-Up and share with us.

Our Start-Ups 

Project Details: 
Company   :  AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt. Ltd.
Start-Ups   :

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd @ Your Service with Following Work 

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#A1 Cabs DBA
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List of our Books Available on Amazon

  • Pilot's Career Guide

    Pilot's Career Guide

    by Capt Shekhar Gupta and Niriha Khajanchi
      892  899
    You Save:   7
  • Cabin Crew Career Guide, Path to Success

    Cabin Crew Career Guide, Path to Success

    by Pragati Srivastava and Capt. Shekhar Gupta
  • Cabin Crew Career Guide

    Cabin Crew Career Guide

    by Pragati Srivastava Air Hostess and Capt Shekhar Gupta Pilot

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