Smart Pilots from Pan India to be Part of our Aviation Start-Up

Smart Pilots from Pan India to be part of our Aviation Start-Ups
Pilot Officer [Non-Flying] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ] 

Think Out Of The Box
Work From Home As Pilot Officer [Non-Flying] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ]  in Your Own City
Looking for 40 Smart Female  Pilots To Super Boss from India to Abroad Are You a Smart Pilot who is Looking for an Opening in Airlines. 

Are you an Ex-Corporate Pilot or Currently Working Pilot?

If You can Think out of the Box 

There is a Great Opportunity for All Pilots who wish to

** Committed to Work Online for Minimum 3-5 Hours Daily.
** Work from Home / Anywhere  Online
** Only One Pilot Officer [Non-Flying] cum Pilot Training Instructor [Ground Subjects]  Per City
** Work of Your Choice Only
** Utilize your Spare Time Effectively 
** Have a Handsome Income  [Sharing with us ] 
** Ready to Learn Something very different kind of Think out of the Box Work 

Work From  Home
Pilot Officer [Non-Flying] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ] 
in Your Own City

We Are : :::
AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is Newly Establishing Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win Best Asian  Aviation KPO and Aviation Link Building Company. AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is headed By 
Pilots and other Aviation Professionals.  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is the 1st Aviation Start-Up in Asia of its own kind. 

Our Services  :::
#Aviation Apps 
#Aviation Books
#Aviation Blogs
#Air Charters [ Ambulance / Fixed Wing / Rotatery Wing ] 
#Ground Training for AbInitio and EASA Conversion 
#Aviation / Management Internships [ IIT and IIM Students only] 
#Type Rating for A320/ B737 / ATR72 etc 

Overview  :::
Business Name  : AirCrews Aviation P Ltd
The product We want to sell  :  Apps / Blogs / Books / Courses
Target Audience  :   Pilots / Aviation Professionals / Students
Goals  :  Development and Publishing 10 Apps / 10 Blogs and 10 Books To be added in 

Exisisting  Fleet of Apps / Blogs and Books.
Pilot Officer [ Non Flying ] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ] 

If You Are ?

We can Empower Pilots by Creating Opportunities for Women to be Visionary. Whether that is in Business, in the home or in the community--when Pilot's voices are heard they are empowered. 

Our initial Goal – providing Pilots an unlimited opportunity for personal and financial success – still drives the Company to even greater heights. With a steadfast commitment to principles of praising People to success and on the principle of placing faith first

Mission :   
Pilot's Empowerment Through  Work From Home As 
Pilot Officer [ Non Flying ] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ] . Make Work From Home  better than Work From Office. More Effective Tool for Pilots Empowerment.

Vision  :
Work From Home can be a better option for Pilot's Empowerment As Pilot Officer [Non-Flying] cum Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground Subjects ] 

If You Are A Pilot with Following 
#Between Age Group of 21 Years to 35 Years  Young Medically Fit to Fly as Pilot. 
#Holding minimum 2 Countries [CAA / FAA / CASA / CAAP / DGCA ] Flight Crew Certificates [ 

#Can Teach Ground Subjects to Pilots and work as a Pilot Training Instructor [ Ground 
Subjects ] 
#Can Help Pax to choose right Aircraft and make Flight Plan for Guests.
#Strongly Believe that Work From Home is better than Work From Office for Pilots.
#If You can Think out of the Box 
#Understanding the Aviation Niche 

Required Pilot's Skills :
Instruct, facilitate, and conduct all Ground Training modules including classroom presentations, systems integration Training, and procedures Training.
Develop DGCA / EASA / FAA Approved Training Program Curricula by creating lesson plans and Power Point presentations.
Develop Training Schedules to integrate with fixed base and full Flight simulator 
Develop and coordinate contract simulator Training courseware.
Audit Training performance, internal and external contract Training.
Identify and recommend Operating Manual changes/improvements.
Conduct information systems support of Pilot Ground Training devices including
Computer Network / iPad / Software Administrator for Training center computers
Updates /install all databases, Programs, used for Pilot Training
Initiate operational changes to assure Training plan completion prior to operational 
Work with Senior Management team regarding Training concerns including areas of 
improvement for Ground Training Program and student performance.
Maintain Training library; digital library, Training handouts, documentation, source 
material, and etc.
Coordinate as needed with Chief Pilot in the Pilot hiring process for EASA.
Develop written tests for baseline qualification analysis
Develop, print, and distribute Training material for both students and simulator 
Ancillary duties may include ASAP and/or FOQA Program Management/support
Support other Training operations on behalf of Flight Operations.
Other Pilot's duties may be assigned as needed

Now its time to Step into your own Work at Home As Pilot

Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd Pilot Training Counseling 

Revenue Sharing            Counselor  + AirCrews 

Counselling                   Rs. 800     [ 600 + 200 ]

Colleges / School Fees  Rs 5000  [ 4000 + 1000 ]

GD + PI Fees                 Rs 8000   [ 6000 + 2000] 

Books MRP   899 / 650    [ 650 + 250 / 500 + 150 ]

Teens Camp     Fees       Rs 10,000  [ 2500 + 7500 ]

Parents Camp  Fees        Rs 25,000  [ 4500 + 21,500 ]

Ground Subjects Classes   80%   20%
As Pilot Training Instructor 

More  Apps coming Soon .....

How to Join  : 

1. Please send a Copy of Pilot License, Passport, Aadhar can be furnished as Address 

2. Applicants shall submit a Photo-Identity Card for ascertaining the identity of the 
applicant. Copy of voters Pilot's License or Passport or Income Tax PAN Card or Aadhar 
can be submitted as Proof of Identity.

3. Non Refundable Deposit INR 25,000 Per Year for Start-Up Kit. [Books, Business Cards ] 

4. Send us Your

1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City / Nationality-------------------

4. Sex --------------

5. Educational Qualification  --------------

6. Expected Daily Time -------------------- 

7. Email        : 

8. WhatsApp : 


AC         :  AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd
AC NO      :  918020037237714
IFSC       :  UTIB0001681
PAN        :  AAQCA9267L

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