Author / Blogger / Co-Author / Content Writer

Author / Blogger / Co-Author / Content Writer
Only New Fresher Writers Needed
Only New Fresher Travel / Motivation /  Fiction Writers Required  !  

Project : New Paper Books on

# Think Out of the Box
#Smart Goal Setting
#Work Smarter, Faster and Better
#Secret to Extreme Productivity
#Smart Gadgets
Pages : 400 Aprox
MRP : INR 1299 [ Sale @699 ]
Age : 21 to 35 Years
Exp : Freshers Only
Call / WhatsApp
9826 00 88 99

Revenue Sharing : 70% - 30%
Min Income : INR 2000 PM for 6 Months
Investment : 70% - 30 %  [ Aprox 15k - 10k]
Needed at the end of the Book Writing work is a App and Blog based Start-Up of AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd is  Looking for New and Fresh, Smart, Creative, Innovative and Tech Savvy Graduate Females who wants to share their Knowledge As Co-Author Blogger /  Content Writer / Counselor in Your Own City. Your Blogs will be followed by different Pilots /  Students and Youth mostly. This will help Students to choose their Career so that they can be Great Doctors, Great Engineers, Great Pilots and other Great Professionals Tomorrow.

Skills Needed for  Co-Author [Work From Home] :

• Good Communication Skills
• Flexible, Can Think Out of the Box
• Creative, Innovative
• Possess the Zeal to Learn Blog Based Work from Home
• Confidence, Smart-Working
• A Good Team Player with a Willingness to Work in an Online Team

Job Description :
*    Can Think Out of the Box, Different and Innovative.
*    No prior Experience with Fiction Editing / Writing
*    Only Understands various Approaches to Writing
*    A firm grasp of English Grammar and SMM / SEO Rules
*    Good Vocabulary
*    Creativity
*    Excellent Communication Skills  Oral and Written
*    A  Passion for the English language
*    Understanding the process and dynamics of Fiction-Writing / Editing
       [Plot, Characterization, Pace]
*    Familiarity with the classics in English literature
*    Basic computer skills [MS Word, MS Excel, Internet browser
*    Someone who is optimistic and has situational awareness
*    Working on Plot / Synopsis Prior to publishing
*    Editing content to fix grammatical and syntactical errors
*    Rephrasing text to clarify the intended meaning
*    Substantive or developmental Editing to improve upon the plot itself and restructure content wherever necessary
*    Adhere to international style standards as well as Author Requirements
*    Link Building and Co-Branding [ Very Imp]
*    You are equipped with Amazing Fiction Writing Skills.
*    You are a Good Creative Fresh Writer.
*    You are an Avid Reader.
*    You are Organized and Efficient.
*    You have Intelligent decision-making skills.
*    You can meet challenges head-on.
*    You are adaptable.
*    You can multitask.
*    You are confident and focused.
*    You have good Communication skills.
*    You can spot talent and assess skills according to requirements.
*    You can work under pressure.
*    You love working in a team.
*    You get along well with people. Active on Fb, Twtr and LinkEdin

How To Join Us :

1. Read Sample

2. Write Sample as per Plot given [Seema Garg]
3. Add Your Bio as per Sample [3rd Person form]
4. Please Add Lots of ### in your Work
5. Get Approval and Join us on Board :-)

Before You Write, Please Read  our Sample Stories

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Mitesh Raj Singh Parihar

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Topics for Motivation ::::

1. Smart Goal Setting
2. Work Smarter, Faster and Better
3. The Secret to Extreme Productivity
4. Smart Gadgets
5. SPEED : Its time move on from "What Now " 
6. Creating a Balance between Work and Life 
7. Great Inspirational Tycoons 
8. Crazy Thoughts are not always Crazy
9. Hidden sources of Income in Corporate World
10. Earn Your Salary From your Clients Not From your own Company
11. Think Out of the Box
12. Online Presence through Social  Networking
13. Love Can Make You or Break You
14. RELEVANCE : Putting First on First
15. How to get Good Jobs and Make Money even in the era of Global Recession.
16. The Power Of Positive Thinking
17. Mistakes made by CEO and Managers in an Organization
18. Importance of Right Keywords and Hastags # 
19. Hire and Fire
20. Small is not Always Small Size does Matter 
21.                Believe You can be Successful and You Will
22.                Be Human Approach
23.                Think Progress, Believe in Progress and  You Will Push for Progress
24.                Be a Successful Leader
25.                 Rules of Leadership     

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