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AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd [ www.AirCrewsAviation.com ] is a Newly Incorporated Aviation Service Providers of India. AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd [ www.AirCrewsAviation.com ] is duly registered with Govt Of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs to run various Aviation related Services. AirCrews Aviation P Ltd [ www.AirCrewsAviation.com ] is Incorporated to Boost and Aggregate various Aviation Service Providers. We welcome All Aviation Organisation to Join us as our Partner in Progress in Aviation. We are looking for Ab-initio Pilot Training, TRTO, Air Charters and Air Crew HR Organisations from all over the world.

We supply Skilled Aviation Professionals for both permanent placements and crew leasing (contract) assignments. Positions we fill include:

 Flight Crew
 Instructors (TRI/TRE, SFI/SFE, LTC)
 Executive & Managerial
 Maintenance & Engineering
 Technical Ground Staff
 Sales, Commercial & HR
 Aviation Recruitment
 Crew Leasing (Contract Crews)
 Crew Training
We serve the commercial, business, and private aviation markets. Our clients range from airlines, aircraft leasing and management companies to MROs, aircraft manufacturers, VIP/VVIP customers, and major corporations.

We Are Hiring

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#Manager Mktg
#Manager Info Tech
#Content Writers  
#Travel Bloggers 
#Media Buyers
#WordPress Specialists
#Web Developers
#Logo Design
#Interns / Management Trainees
    [HR / Mktg / SEO / Digi Mktg / FinTech] 

Eligibility :

   For Travel Partner /Business Associate /Corporate Travel Consultant
 ·          You must be 21 years to 35 years of age. [ Relaxation Up to 15 Years in some cases ] 
·          Must be a Post Graduate MBA / MTA will preferred. 
·          Must have Own a laptop / PC / 4G Android mobile. [Not iOS now]
·          Who can work from home and dedicate 6-8  hours daily 5-6 days a week
·          Aware of basic computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Browser)
·          Excellent oral and written communication skills
·          Good Vocabulary
·          A firm grasp of English language and Computer skills
Should be passionate about Aviation, Travel and Tourism
This is for you if you think:
·          You are equipped with amazing Travel and Tourism Skills  
·          You are a good Travel and Tourism Writer
·          You are an avid reader
·          You are organized and efficient
·          You have intelligent decision-making skills
·          You are adaptable
·          You can do  multitasks
·          You can work under pressure
·          You get along well with people active on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Think Out of The Box

How to Apply:
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We Are Hiring

#Manager HR
#Manager Mktg
#Manager Info Tech
#Content Writers  
#Travel Bloggers 
#Content Writing
#Media Buyers
#WordPress specialists
#Web Developers
#Logo Design
#Think Out of The Box