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Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd [An Alfa Group Company]  is a Multi Venture Start-Up promoted by a Wel Travelled Pilot and Team.  Asiatic International Corp is diversified into so many Blog Based Work From Home Business Ventures viz Aviation, AgroTech, BlogTech, BookTech, CabTech,  DirTech : Directory + Technology,  [  ] EdTech, FinTech,  FemTech etc

According to AltaVista and Google Asiatic International Corp  is Best Aviation KPO in Asia Providing Air Charters, Pilot Training, and Aviation HR Services. Services Air Charters -Pilot Training -Aviation HR -Aviation Apps -Aviation Books -Aviation Blogs -Aviation Lead Generation -Aviation Link Building -Aviation Expo -Aviation B2B -Aviation B2C -Aviation SEO / SMM -Aviation / Management Internships. Asiatic International Corp  is India's first Aviation Start-Up approved by Govt of India under Startup India 

Asiatic International Corp 




Alfa Green Eco Friendly Venture


 To be a global leader in providing innovative solutions and services that drive sustainable growth and improve lives.


We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers by leveraging our expertise in technology, fostering strategic partnerships, and embracing a culture of continuous improvement.


We are passionate about empowering individuals and businesses with transformative technologies, promoting environmental sustainability, and making a positive impact on society.

Alfa Green Eco Friendly Venture:

Vision: To create a greener and more sustainable world by promoting eco-friendly practices and developing innovative solutions for a cleaner environment.

Mission: Our mission is to pioneer the adoption of eco-friendly technologies, products, and services that reduce carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and promote a circular economy.

Passion: We are driven by our passion for preserving the planet and creating a better future for generations to come. We strive to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace sustainable practices and be responsible stewards of the environment.

Tech Dot Com Companies Example with Sample

AviaTech : Aviation + Technology

AeroTech : Aviation + Technology 


Alfa Green Vermi Compost 

BlogTech : Blog + Technology

BioTech: Biology + Technology

CabTech: Cab + Technology 

CleanTech: Clean + Technology

DevTech: Development + Technology

DirTech : Directory + Technology 

EdTech: Education + Technology

FinTech: Finance + Technology

FoodTech: Food + Technology

FemTech: Female + Technology


GreenTech: Green + Technology

HealthTech: Health + Technology


InsurTech: Insurance + Technology



LegalTech: Legal + Technology

MediTech: Medical + Technology



PropTech: Property + Technology



RetailTech: Retail + Technology

RegTech: Regulation + Technology





WealthTech: Wealth + Technology

Sample Of

Sample Of Google Tools 

SEO SMM  Websites  for  New  LinkedIn Influencers

Social Bookmarking Website 

Directory Submission Website

Popular Profile Creation Sites List 

Ping Submission Site 

Wiki Submission Site 

Top Showcase Sites List

InfoGraphic Sites List 

Core Services :

Air Charters  [Aeroplane, Helicopter and Air Ambulance] 

Pilot Training  [Ab Initio + Type Rating on A320] 

Aviation Law Services

Pilot Training

Aviation Apps

Aviation Books

Aviation Blogs

Aviation B2B

Aviation B2C

Aviation Theme Cafe

Aviation Expo

Aviation PPM  [Pioneer in Avia PPM] 

Aviation HR

Aviation Lead Generation

Aviation Link Building

Aviation ViSume [Pioneer in Video Resume] 

SMM -Aviation

Management Internships 

Biggest Online Aviation Internship Programme in Asia for 65 Universities of Asia

Virtual World Tour for Kids

Start-Ups List :

Asiatic International Corp

Asiatic International Corp

#Air-Aviator Cafe

#Alfa Jungle Retreat 

#Bloggers Training

#Campus To Corporate [C2C]

#Digital Marketing Training

#Work To Win [W2W]

#Lesson For Business Leaders [LBL]

#ViSume [Video Resume]

#World Of Airplane