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About Asiatic International Aviation Academy

In the field of Aviation, Asiatic International Aviation Academy is one of India's leading professional educational institutes. Our mission is to provide enterprise employability certificates and education to students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the Aviation industry. Our well-researched course material, qualified mentors, and comprehensive training methods ensure that our students are highly sought after in the market. We pride ourselves on our training programs and student placements, supported by our exceptional faculty and facilities.

Launch Your Dream Career in Aviation with Asiatic International Aviation Academy's Diverse Diploma Programs

Indore, Madhya Pradesh -  Are you passionate about the dynamic world of Aviation? 

Asiatic International Aviation Academy (AIAA), a leading Indian institution, offers a variety of diploma programs designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this exciting industry.

Unmatched Selection of Diploma Courses:

Comprehensive Guide to Diploma Courses in Hotel and Aviation Management

Diploma Courses at Asiatic International Aviation Academy

Asiatic International Aviation Academy stands as a premier professional educational institution in India, specializing in the Aviation sector. Our mission is to equip students with industry-relevant certifications and education that ensure they are highly sought after in the job market. Our well-researched course materials, qualified mentors, and comprehensive training methods guarantee the best training programs and placement opportunities for our students.

Advantages of Studying at Asiatic International Aviation Academy

Expert Faculty: 

Our team includes highly qualified faculty members, advisors, and consulting experts.

Modern Training Facilities: We offer advanced and modernized training classes.

Internships and Placements:

We provide short term Internships and Placements thru our PlaceCom Dept.

Industry Expert Consultants: 

Practical training is provided by industry experts.

Diploma Courses Offered

Diploma in Hotel Management

Aimed at aspiring hospitality professionals, this course covers various aspects of hotel operations, management, and customer service, preparing students for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Professional Diploma in Airport Management

This comprehensive course trains students in airport operations, including terminal management, ground services, customer support, and cargo operations. Graduates are well-prepared for managerial roles in the Aviation industry.

Diploma in Aviation HR Management

Focusing on human resources within the Aviation sector, this course equips students with the skills needed to manage personnel, recruitment, and training processes specific to airlines and airports.

Diploma in Cruise Ship Management

This specialized course prepares students for various roles on cruise ships, including hospitality, operations, and customer service, ensuring they are ready to work in the luxurious and demanding cruise industry.

Diploma in Air Hostess Management

Designed for those aspiring to become flight attendants, this course includes both classroom lectures and practical training sessions. It covers a wide range of duties beyond serving food and beverages, such as ensuring passenger safety, handling emergencies, and providing excellent customer service.

Professional Diploma in Cabin Crew Management

Tailored for individuals aiming to work as cabin crew members, this diploma offers insights into the skills and attributes required to succeed in domestic and international airlines. It includes training in safety procedures, passenger handling, and in-flight services.

Professional Diploma in Travel and Tourism

This course offers a thorough understanding of the travel and tourism industry, covering areas such as travel planning, customer service, and tourism management, preparing students for various roles within the industry.

Detailed Course Descriptions

Diploma in Airport Management and Ground Staff

The Aviation industry requires a diverse group of specialists, including ground staff and managers. This course covers essential areas such as airline ticketing, customer support, passenger management, cargo operations, and terminal management. Students are trained in:

Airport Operations Control Center

Terminal Operations

Ground Flight Safety

Customer Facilities & Logistics

Check-in and boarding procedures

Computer reservation and departure control systems

Exceptional customer service in high-pressure environments

Course Fee Structure

Diploma Course in Airport Management

Total Course Fee: USD $2999 (₹ 1,33,000)

1st Installment: USD $999 (₹ 30,500) at Admission

2nd Installment: USD $999 (₹ 52,500)

3rd Installment: USD $999 (₹ 52,500)


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Asiatic International Corp was founded to promote and consolidate numerous aviation service providers. The organization was founded in 2001 by a dedicated team of professionals that provide world-class services and solutions, led by Captain Shekhar Gupta.

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