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Part-Time Remote Faculty - Aviation & Travel

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We are seeking a motivated and experienced part-time remote faculty member to join our growing online Aviation & Travel program. In this role, you will play a vital role in educating and preparing the next generation of aviation and travel professionals.


Develop and deliver engaging online courses in aviation, travel, or related fields.

Utilize a variety of instructional methods, including lectures, discussions, online activities, and assignments.

Effectively communicate with students online, providing feedback and support.

Stay current on industry trends and developments in aviation and travel.

Participate in program development and curriculum improvement.


Master's degree in Aviation, Travel & Tourism, or a related field.

Minimum 3-5 years of experience in the aviation or travel industry.

Demonstrated experience with online course development and delivery.

Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Passion for teaching and a commitment to student success.

Proficiency in online learning management systems.

About Courses :

Airport Management: 

Airport management is a multifaceted field that involves overseeing the operations and functions of an airport to ensure its efficient, safe, and profitable operation. It encompasses a broad range of activities, including managing airport staff, coordinating with airlines, ensuring regulatory compliance, maintaining facilities, and enhancing passenger experience. As the aviation industry grows, the role of airport management becomes increasingly crucial in accommodating the demands of travelers and airlines alike.

Airport management is a dynamic and challenging field that plays a vital role in the aviation industry. It requires a combination of strong organizational skills, strategic thinking, and a commitment to safety and customer service. As airports continue to grow and evolve, effective management will be crucial in ensuring their success and sustainability.

Aviation HR Management:

Aviation HR management is a specialized field focused on managing human resources within the aviation industry, encompassing airlines, airports, and aerospace companies. This sector requires unique HR strategies to address the industry's specific challenges, such as ensuring safety compliance, handling fluctuating workforce demands, and managing a diverse and highly skilled workforce. Effective HR management is critical to the success and operational efficiency of aviation organizations.

Aviation HR management is a crucial component of the aviation industry, ensuring that organizations attract, develop, and retain a skilled workforce capable of meeting the industry's unique challenges. By focusing on regulatory compliance, safety, employee development, and strategic workforce planning, HR professionals in aviation play a vital role in the success and sustainability of aviation operations. As the industry continues to evolve, effective HR management will remain essential in navigating the complexities and demands of the aviation sector.

Cabin Crew Management: 

Cabin crew management involves overseeing the recruitment, training, development, and day-to-day operations of flight attendants and other in-flight staff. This role is crucial for ensuring passenger safety, delivering excellent customer service, and maintaining efficient in-flight operations. Effective cabin crew management is essential for the smooth operation of airlines, contributing to customer satisfaction and the overall success of the airline.

Cabin crew management is a critical function within the aviation industry, ensuring that airlines operate smoothly and efficiently while providing a high level of customer service. Effective management of the cabin crew involves a combination of recruitment, training, performance monitoring, and support. By addressing the unique challenges of the aviation sector and fostering a positive work environment, cabin crew managers play a vital role in the success of airlines and the satisfaction of passengers.

Travel and Tourism: 

Travel and tourism is a dynamic and expansive industry encompassing the movement of people for leisure, business, and other purposes. It includes a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, transportation, attractions, events, and travel services. As a major contributor to global economies, the industry not only drives economic growth but also fosters cultural exchange and mutual understanding among people worldwide.

The travel and tourism industry is a vibrant and multifaceted sector that plays a crucial role in the global economy and cultural exchange. By continuously evolving to meet the demands of travelers and addressing sustainability challenges, the industry remains a cornerstone of economic growth and human connection. Whether through offering memorable experiences, preserving cultural heritage, or fostering global understanding, travel and tourism continue to enrich lives and societies worldwide.

Work Environment:

This is a remote position, offering flexibility in work location.

The position is part-time, with hours varying based on course schedules and departmental needs.

Candidates must have reliable internet access and a suitable environment for online teaching.


Competitive salary and benefits package.

Flexible work schedule (part-time, remote).

Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students.

Be part of a dynamic and growing online learning community.

Tools Used :

In our organization we are active in three platforms to enhance our operations and reach:


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform launched in 2003, designed to help individuals and businesses connect, share, and grow their professional relationships. It has evolved into a vital tool for job seekers, employers, professionals, and organizations to network, recruit, market, and learn. 

Professional Profiles:

Users create detailed profiles showcasing their work experience, education, skills, and endorsements.

Profiles serve as online resumes, allowing others to learn about users' professional backgrounds and achievements.


Connect with colleagues, industry peers, and potential employers.

Build a professional network by sending and accepting connection requests.

Job Searching and Recruitment:

Job seekers can search for job openings, apply directly through LinkedIn, and set job alerts.

Employers and recruiters post job openings, search for candidates, and use LinkedIn’s tools to manage applications and communicate with prospects.

LinkedIn Learning:

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Users can earn certificates to add to their profiles, enhancing their professional development.


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Easy Link Management:

Add, edit, and reorder links quickly and easily from a user-friendly dashboard.

Include links to websites, social media profiles, online stores, blogs, videos, and more.


To Apply:

Application Process

To apply for the position of Part Time Remote Faculty or International Soft Skill Trainer, please fill out the attached form and submit it along with your resume. Additionally, please prepare a third-person Bio highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications.  3-5 Mins PPT on your fav topic.

Training and Certification

Upon joining, you will undergo a comprehensive 15-day training program to familiarize yourself with our company culture, processes, and expectations. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an International Soft Skill Trainer Certificate, recognizing your expertise in the field.

PowerPoint Presentation

As part of the application process, candidates are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on a topic related to soft skills training. Please ensure to include the company logo and URL in the presentation slides.

We look forward to welcoming passionate and qualified individuals to join our team at and contribute to the success of our mission to empower aviation professionals worldwide.

We appreciate the interest of all applicants but will only contact those selected for an interview. Join us in shaping the future of Aviation recruitment! 

We Only need the following Info for Screening the Part-Time Remote Faculty - Aviation & Travel candidates. 

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Part-Time Remote Faculty - Aviation & Travel 

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Karishma Kumari [MBA HR]

Manager HR 

Asiatic International Aviation Academy

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